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Homework Help: Work Power energy problem - 2

  1. Sep 3, 2013 #1
    Hi friend the problem is as such:

    Attempt to the question:


    Thank you all in advance.
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  3. Sep 3, 2013 #2
    If the object stops because of friction, does it have any energy left? So how much work was done by friction?
  4. Sep 4, 2013 #3
    If the body comes to the bottom of the hill. Then total P.E. "mgh" will be lost due to friction. But The question doesn't state that that the body has come to the bottom of the hill.

    Its saying about any arbitrary point on the path midway. Am I taking it in wrong manner?
  5. Sep 4, 2013 #4
    The problem says it slides down and then stops somewhere in the horizontal path. How do you interpret that?
  6. Sep 4, 2013 #5
    Ok then 2mgh. I got it. Thanks for the help voko.
  7. Sep 4, 2013 #6
    Thank you very much friends. I got the answer. Problem has been cleared.
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