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Homework Help: Work problem

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    if I am trying to determine the work done by a force on an object being pushed up an incline and am using the formula work = forcexdistancexcosine of theta and the angle of the incline from the ground is say 30 degrees, distance along the plane is 3 and force is 500N. would I use cosine of theta with axis along the incline or a normal axis?

    For example

    W = 500 x 3 x cos30 degrees or 500 x 3 x cos0 degrees to find the work done by the force of 500N pushing the object up the incline
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    The work done is the integral of the force exerted over the distance moved. This means that the direction of force used and the distance travelled must be in the same direction to calculate the work done by that force.
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    ok i think i got it the axis would be along the incline in this case and to find the work done by the force acting on the object would be 500 x 3 x cos0
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