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Homework Help: Work - Stairs

  1. Sep 25, 2011 #1
    How much work is done when a 75-kg person climbs a flight of stairs 10 m high at a constant speed

    A.) 7.35 * 10^5 j
    B.) 750 j
    c.) 75 j
    D.) 7500 j
    E.) 7350 J

    W = (f)(d)
    f = ma
    W= (ma)(d)

    Now I'm assuming that the force is parallel to the stairs (distance as the person walks up the stairs)

    so I found the force
    f = ma
    f= (75)(9.81) = 735.75

    then I solved for work
    W = (f)(d)
    W = 735.75(10)
    W = 7357.5 j

    answer E

    I'm new to to work so I just want to clarify if I'm doing the problem right or wrong
    If I made any errors please feel free to correct me
    We learn by our mistakes after all

    Thank You
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    Your answer is correct. Work is just force acting over a distance. Here, the force is the weight of the person (force of gravity), and the distance is the height of the steps.
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