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Work with magnets

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    I know this is probably wrong and that my understanding of physics is basic. But figured id just share a quirky idea I had and see if anyone can explain to me why it wouldnt work.

    O.k. Imagine two huge magnets in a chamber. One is positively charged and one is negatively charged. And they are kept apart some distance and attached to the back of the magnet on top is a cord connected to a generator, which it will pull. Then they let the magnets try to get close to each other. So that as the magnets move, the cord is pulled and work is done. Then when the magnets get close to each other, an insulant is pushed in between the two. So the magnets drop back down to their original position. Rinse and repeat.
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    Re: Free Energy?

    You are forgetting that you have to do work when you push this "insulant" to shield the magnetic field. Try it! You'll feel an opposing force against you pushing this in between the two magnet. It is the same as if you're pushing a magnet into a solenoid.

    This forum really isn't the place to try and promote perpetual motion machine. In fact, no part of PF is.

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    I wasn't trying to promote it, just asking why it wouldn't work.
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