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Job Skills Working and studying

  1. Jul 22, 2016 #1

    Right now I have the opportunity to study and work in my university as a part time technician!. I've searched the web, everyone seems to dislike and discourage the idea (because of the time, wage and other things).

    Here my situation is somehow different than common situations. In my opinion there is a big advantages.

    First, I will work in the university part-time job in something of benefit! it is related to my study and I think it can enhance my CV.

    Second, my work will be between my lectures, so I don't have to work at night. (i.e I'll work and study sequentially from 8am to 7pm).


    My grades are good but I had a bad semester the last time and I'll repeat two materials this semester so I don't think it will be a heavy semester as its always.

    In the other hand I didn't Work and study before so of course I'm still not sure. I don't need the money! but I think it is a good opportunity, and it might be the first and last time to be offered.
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    In general I think it's a good idea for students to hold down a part-time job during their studies.

    The primary reason is developing work experience. For those who end up continuing in academia this ends up not being all that critical, but the fact of the matter is that most students eventually leave academia - whether its after undergrad, grad school, or even after doing a few post-doctoral positions. And part-time work experience can help you gaining entry level full-time permanent positions. Not only do you have something to put on your resume under "work experience" but part-time jobs often help you to develop soft skills - things like communicating with customers or clients, dealing with "difficult" people in a professional manner, teamwork, etc.

    You also get to learn your own strengths in a working environment that will help you in later job interviews. And the experience can help you to figure out what kinds of environments you would work well in. Working a part-time job that you hate for two months can be a golden experience if it keeps you from getting into a similar position for a long-term career. Conversely, you can also discover something that you would really like.

    Money is also a major factor - if not for you in particular, it is for most students. A part-time job can help cut into your debt load, sometimes in a major way, which can pay for itself many times over in your future. Also you can start saving some money. Even if you're only putting $100 per month into a savings account or an RRSP, you're getting into the habit of saving.
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    The people who discourage this or are advised against this are often working adults who cannot afford to give up their day jobs to return to school. That advice doesn't apply to you. If you have no family to support and you can afford to work at your school and attend at the same time is actually the best way to attend school and make some extra money to offset your costs.
    You should be able to strengthen your academic contacts ie work with professors and other students so that you develop a very strong support base for your upper level classwork. I suspect that you misinterpreted the advice given to older students returning school and offered jobs that these individuals then considered taking vs finding a job outside of the school. I took a graduate class with a professor who had need for a graduate assistant and had funding for such help. I couldn't seriously consider it as it was significantly less than my working salary. But for someone who was still in school and without family obligations??? It would have been a great opportunity.
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    My family is capable of supporting me in the university! that's why I'm hesitating.

    I've found it a good opportunity for a student to have some work experience as technician in a university. My main goal is not money but experience. So is it worth it?
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