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Working as F1 Engineer.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am interested to become a Formula One Racing Car Engineering.

    Especially in its Engine Design.

    I am an undergraduate student of Mechanical Engineering myself.

    Should I taking any extra education such as training etc?

    If I should, can anyone recommend me the right place to take the training?

    Also, what regular study field of Mechanical Engineering I should understand more deep?

    Please share your experiences

    Dais Raim
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    Formula Student is an excellent way to get into this field. Failing that, any practical motorsport experience will greatly improve your chances of getting an F1 job. Other than an outstanding mechanical engineering degree, experience of engines, composites and aerodynamics are especially useful, along with a very good knowledge of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and solid mechanics. A working knowledge of a few CAD programs is indispensible, as are expert CFD skills.
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    Have you considered joining your local SAE club?

    They often compete in events like SAE formula and Mini-baja. This and any other experience you can get will be indispensable.

    Its my understanding that F1 engineering teams are the best of the best from the sponsoring company. That's probably the best place to start after your degree. It wouldn't hurt to open a dialog with the companies you're interested in or at least find out what they usually look for in their engineering recruits.
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