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Working at Home

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    I have been a disable person for some years, and I was wondering about the possibilities of working at home on any field of science. math, physics, enginiery, chem, biology etc.

    I d really appreciate to learn more info about the possibilities of working at home. Feel free to add advices.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
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    That will depend on your background and what you want to accomplish. If you have no background in the sciences but want to contribute original, publishable work to the field, it's probably not too likely - not without going back for an education, anyway. There's just so much that's already been done, so much you need to learn before you can even think of something new. But there's always the possibility of going back to school.
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    You can do Tutoring Online in Math and Science courses. Or better yet if you know anybody that can do web design you can have them design you your own site for educational purposes like posting math and science videos and work-sheets to study along. Just remember to charge users a reasonable fee.

    General Training and Educational Services (For example):
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    If you have the qualifications a lot of major companies now offer remote-employee positions or allow tele-commuting opportunities. You still need to be qualified for the position, but work arrangements are much more flexible now than in the past.
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    Let us try to stay on topic here.
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    If you have not already established some credibility or work history with an employer, it's going to be REALLY hard to convince anybody to pay you to work from home. Believe me - I've been there. If you have some great idea that can result in self-employment from home, you might have a chance. Good luck.
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