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Working class cats

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    Math Is Hard

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    To Dismay of Inspectors, Prowling Cats Keep Rodents on the Run at City Delis

    Across the city, delis and bodegas are a familiar and vital part of the streetscape, modest places where customers can pick up necessities, a container of milk, a can of soup, a loaf of bread.

    Amid the goods found in the stores, there is one thing that many owners and employees say they cannot do without: their cats. And it goes beyond cuddly companionship. These cats are workers, tireless and enthusiastic hunters of unwanted vermin, and they typically do a far better job than exterminators and poisons.

    When a bodega cat is on the prowl, workers say, rats and mice vanish.

    That is the case at a narrow corner store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where a gray long-haired tabby named Halloween goes on regular patrols when she is not lounging on a plaid bed tucked behind dusty rows of Schweppes ginger ale and empty cardboard boxes.

    “In the morning she is lazy, it is her nap time,” said Urszula Jawor, 49, the deli’s manager, a Polish immigrant who smiled with motherly pride at Halloween, adding that the cat was named for the day she wandered in off the street and claimed the Bedford Avenue store as her home.

    “But in the afternoon she is busy,” Ms. Jawor said. “She spends hours stalking the mice and the rats.”

    To store owners, the services of cats are indispensable in a city where the rodent problem is serious enough to be documented in a still popular two-minute video clip on YouTube from late February (youtube.com/watch?v=su0U37w2tws) of rats running amok in a KFC/Taco Bell in Greenwich Village. Store-dwelling cats are so common that there is a Web site, workingclasscats.com, dedicated to telling their tales.

    But as efficient as the cats may be, their presence in stores can lead to legal trouble. The city’s health code and state law forbid animals in places where food or beverages are sold for human consumption. Fines range from $300 for a first offense to $2,000 or higher for subsequent offenses.
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    My cat is a working cat, he holds down the back of the sofa. If he didn't it would surely fly out the window.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Mine is a pretty good alarm clock and also keeps the house free of raccoons.
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    My dog is a pretty good alarm clock.

    Now if I could just teach her about the days of the week and the end of daylight savings time.
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    My alarm clock is as good a cat as I will ever require, and the house is free of rhinoceroses, let alone racoons.
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    I wish I had working class cats. They get so bored that all they do is sit in my room and stare at my gecko. Sometimes even jump up on top of his cage and sit on the wire frame (I hate that).
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    I had working class ferrets. They would steal innersoles, gloves, socks, and any other personal belongings that they could take. I would find my heavy work-boots hauled off to their lair (the space under our home-entertainment center) and pulled in as far as they could manage. I guess they really liked stinky stuff.:rolleyes:

    When I would steal my stuff back, the ferrets would resist and try to keep their "prizes" with lots of spirit. What a bunch of sweeties!!
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    When I wake up in the morning, both the cat and dog are sound asleep and get grouchy when I start moving around. The Fruit Bat is the worst, when you wake him up in the morning it's like his eyelids weigh too much for him to open them, he manages to crack open a slit, give me an "are you kidding" grimace, then goes back to sleep.
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