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Working in statistics.

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    I currently have a job extracting and manipulating data from a database using various 4th gen database programming languages. I love number crunching and programming and I want to do this as a career. I want to do some sort of stats course which is designed for people from various disciplines who require statistical knowledge, these are readily available off-campus or online study mode. I don't know what it should cover or what courses are good.

    https://www.open.edu.au/wps/portal/oua/what-study/qualification?WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT=/wps/wcm/connect/migration/oua2/what+to+study/qualifications/qualification_data/SWI_STA_GCE [Broken]

    I don't really know anything about this industry beyond my current role which is literally just extraction, manipulation and some simple analysis of data.

    The type of role I might be interested in would be along the lines of cats(&&random_financial term&i, "analyst"); as they seem to be the only jobs evre advertised......

    I'm also interested in the IT side of things. Basically anything which involves large amounts of data and being able to analyse it interests me. Please can any of you very smart people provide some help and guidance as I do not know anything.

    Do I need a massively hardcore math background ? That will be diffficult for me, especially given that some days I already come home and my brain is about to essplode.. :(

    I don't even really know if I have the ability to do this sort of thing long term or not...but I have pretty good job at the moment.
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