Working out Motor power?

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    I am working on a timelaps project so I need my motor to move very slowley, the motor I am using has a max voltage of 24V and a stall current of 1 Amp

    The motor I want to use is on this link:

    This motor will need to lift vertically 117N (12kg) of load to a height of1.3m (1300mm) in 60 mins (3600s) at a constant speed.

    I need to find out the work done by the motor and convert it in to Volts?

    so far I have:




    So: P=117/0.36 =325W I then times this by the time (3600s) to get the work done 1170000J

    Is this correct ?
    Can some out tell me how many volts this is ?

    Any help would really be appreciated
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    That's incorrect.The work done can be found by W=F.d

    Why did you write T as m/s?Isn't that the time taken(s)?or is it the constant speed given in the question?
    And the W is not the force.Power =Work/time taken.
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    Care to help me work this out, please?
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