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Working towards BS General Chemistry, having second thoughts x:

  1. Sep 27, 2011 #1
    Hi guys-

    I hope this is the right place to put this... I kind of want objective feedback, even if I don't like it c:

    I am currently in my 3rd year, 1st semester of college, and since high school, I have been stuck in the mindset that I will major in chemistry. I really wanted and still want to make perfumes, fragrances, or work generally with aromatic compounds and manipulate them in a consumer friendly way. (You get the picture).

    I love the concepts of chemistry. I am currently in my second term and 3rd year of chemistry club on campus and am very involved in that. I am a serious student, and although my grades aren't straight A's, nothing is below a B. I am also in the honors program on campus.

    Up until now, I have really enjoyed all of my chemistry lectures, and have gotten good grades in them. I also have good lab grades- however... I am finding more and more that I truly hate going in to lab each day. I don't think I can pinpoint why exactly that is- but lately my dislike of lab has increased exponentially. I am currently working for the stockroom on campus (which sets up/creates the chemicals necessary for labs) and once the primary excitement wore off I began to feel dissatisfied/displeased/dread.

    It's gotten to the point that I've considered changing my major- I am considering changing to Geology. A lot of the requirements for the courses are similar, so my work won't be in vain, and I would definitely still opt for a minor in Chemistry. I have always loved and been interested in rocks, and as stupid and superficial, and as airheaded as that decision sounds, I think it might be something that interests me more. I understand that I wouldn't be getting away from lab completely, but I would at least get to see the sun and perhaps if I get the right job, even travel to some amazing places. ( I don't mind the writing either).

    I used to care a lot about how much money I would make, but this semester and this job are really making me realize just what a chemistry degree would entail. I don't plan on getting a doctorate (at least not in Chem), and I've heard a little about an MBA- which is interesting, but I don't quite understand.

    So I guess my questions are:
    a- Does anyone have experience in Geology that can tell me of some careers perhaps related to geology and chemistry?
    b- Or does anyone know honestly what the job market right now looks for geologists vs. chemists?
    c- Or even does anyone know what an MBA is or an alternative to a lab-based career in chemistry?
    d- how's the pay for either of these fields? Though I'm not particularly looking to get rich, I want to live comfortably-
    e- Or, as a geologist, how much do you travel? (I have to ask ~ ).
    f- does anyone have feedback about their experiences majoring in chem/geol?

    I'M SORRY FOR THE ESSAY- but I would be indebted to anyone who has feedback.

    I really, really appreciate if you took time to read this!
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