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Working with a group

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    This is a more generic academic topic, so i'm not sure if this is the place to post.

    I'm working with a group for a research project, and it hasn't been going well. We end up pulling an all nighter the night before a presentation, so I'm exhausted the next day. When I try to arrange group meetings before then, I don't get any responses, or it doesn't pan out. I am really frustrated and it feels like I end up doing more than my fair share of work...

    I guess my question is how can I communicate to my group that we need to be more efficient without coming across as a total witch with a b? i know i need to work on this, but my first instinct when someone doesn't do their part of the work (which in the end causes all of us to look bad) is to yell at them. i haven't actually done this, but i feel as if i might.... i'm trying to be good.

    i know i have to learn how to work with groups, and how to deal with people who don't meet my expectations...

    so what is the best way to do this?

    <rereading my post, i realize i am a b, but like i said, i'm trying my best to get past that>.
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    Did you try to talk to other groups and see if they have the same problem, just ask if they meet more often or just the day before the presentation. It may be that your group members are not interested in material, but other groups are more cohesive and are interested in work. Or it may be that this is the same case for every group.

    I don't know how much each has to work for presentation but try to talk to professor and see if you could get a part where you could prepare it on your own in advance but still be part of presentation. Talk to group, sugest that this kind of studying is not common for you, and you'd rather meet more often, just do it in a light form as to not degrade the way in which they are studying, as to not loose the friendship. Should suggest it first before talking to professor since other group members may be busy and can't meet more often (kids, work, other classes,...)

    Maybe you could change the group as last resort, talk to professor and tell him your concerns, don't have to talk bad about your group members since some people find it that this kind of studying works for them, to do everything the night before.
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    I have had this problem before and I could not fix it. We were making some neccessary software for use in math research- instead of distributing our workload, everybody did their own thing and we wasted a whole bunch of time. In my experience, I learned some people just cannot be taught how to work in a group and have no place in research.
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