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Working with Mathematica

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    Hello Mr Bill, Sorry again If I distrubed you ,but i really need your help in solving my Mathematica program , I wrote the explanation of my job in the PDF in details ,may that help you to understand what Iam looking for ,and thank you again of your help.

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    Just looking at your pdf document.
    Is D a variable or some unknown function?
    Is U a variable or some unknown function?
    Are what look like powers of D actually powers of D or are then n'th derivatives of something?
    Are I and i both Sqrt[-1]?
    "At x=0&1" where is x? There is no x in any of your equations.
    "U=D U=V=0", If U is zero then D U must be zero, or do you mean something else?
    "at h=0", can we just eliminate the h Sqrt[t] then?
    "V=V1+V2", do you mean V=V1+I*V2?
    I could come up with more and more questions like this.

    IF a student mailed you that first dozen lines and you had not already spent days or weeks learning about this problem would you be able to figure out what this student was trying to do?
    How would you imagine the student gets from two simple equations to 36 differential equations?

    I am more confused with each reply
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