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Working with NaF and KF

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    I would like to ask if you have some experience how is to work with NaF and KF at 1000°C but in the lab not under fumecoboard.
    I know that is toxic but I do not see at the moment how to protect myself since the lab is not well equipped
    Thank you for your advice!
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    1000C? Surely you are working in the molten state. And why are you doing such a thing? Working with any liquid salt is very dangerous especially without the proper equipment and container. What may I ask are you using as a container? It will eat through glass....
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    I agree with you.
    When I was PhD student in G****** people were paying much attention to such things but now, in A****** I cannot believe that is allowed to work in such bad conditions in a such prestigious school.
    Personally I have no motivation to work and I feel very bad.

    what do you mean by container?
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    I was wondering what you or the lab planned to use for a container to hold the molten fluorides...the crucible.
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    I use inconel. But it was destroyed.
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    lol and I was going to suggest Monel or Hastelloy

    platinum would survive
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    surely but it is too expensive .
    the dimensions are quite large

    i am thinking to use alumina
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