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Workload in EE

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    Hello all,
    Just wanted some opinions regarding my current situation. Currently, my University requires students in EE to take ~7 courses per term in order to complete the BE in four years. However, my question is do you think that it would be more beneficial to disperse the workload and thus excel more greatly in the classes that I am doing? For example, if I took 5 classes per term, I could maintain an 85 average throughout my degree.. However, I'm not entirely convinced that I am capable of maintaining (and retaining the information) as efficiently if it were 7 classes. Is an 85 average with 5 courses per term more effective than 7 classes per term with a 75 average? Dispersing the workload would result in the program taking an additional year.
    Thanks in advance for any helpful responses.

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    maybe take classes over summer?
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    Unfortunately, I work during the summer to pay for my school in the fall. Don't really want student loans.
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