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Workload of AP classes

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    Hey everyone,

    I wasn't exactly sure where to ask this question so I just came here.

    What is the workload of having AP classes? How much homework will their be per AP course?(I know it's dependent upon the class)

    I would of asked my teachers, but they tend to stretch the truth. So I thought it would be better to sought after an answer here.

    And it's AP classes for highschool, not college.

    Sorry that it's kind of a blunt and boring question. I wouldn't be asking if everyone wasn't telling me how hard they are and how I'm going to fail one or two :frown:
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    I haven't done the AP but an educated guess (I've had a brief stint in an IB program and I did the A-Levels) is that it likely won't be too hard, while being challenging enough. AP courses will usually cover more ground than your usual high school courses but again, remember that they are aimed at high school students, so it can't be *that* hard.

    Don't worry about it to much. Cross the bridge when you get to it. Or swim to the other side. (lame, but I couldn't help it :P)
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    Thanks for the reply Mepris,

    I figured the material wouldn't be all that challenging.

    I was just worried about how much work it would take.
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    It's hard relative to a normal high school student. They are comparable to intro college courses, which for some subjects is not trivial. And I think the humanity type AP's are harder than their college counterparts
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    So do you guys think you could give me a rough estimate of how much homework would be involved?
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    The amount of homework you'll get for your AP classes depends entirely on the teachers, but you do have to do some work to get 5's on the AP test. I didn't/haven't found them very difficult, but it really depends on you and whether or not you want to put in the necessary amount of work to be successful. If you're dedicated to doing well in them, you can do well in the class and on the test.

    Another factor to consider is the number of AP classes you'll be taking. If you take a lot in one year, then you can expect a substantial increase in workload relative to not taking any AP classes.
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    That helps alot Lambda, thanks.

    This year I wasn't quite dedicated and frankly I didn't really care about any of my subjects. Next year things will change drasctically, I'm already excited about my classes next year. All of my friends are talking about how they can't wait til summer and I just tell them how ecstatic I am for the following years. I will be taking 6 AP classes, and I plan to get a GPA in the range of 3.9+ in the next 3 years.

    As for the AP test, can you give me a mental picture of what the test are like?
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    It depends on which AP class you take and what your teacher is like. The only AP class I took in high school was AP Language & Literature. It was more or less comparable to a college-level English class. It was also more serious work and less busywork than a regular high school class.
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