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World of Warcraft - South Park

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    I found this on youtube.com!

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    Oh dangit. The video has been removed due to copyright infringement.
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    The new episode is nothing special, perhaps because of all the expectation. :biggrin: Reminded me a lot of 'Good times with weapon'.
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    the video was removed, are this video showing about what is normal trend or how the life goes miserable for those who got addicted in WoW?

    I watched it before, at first can't stop laughing but on some point what they show is current trend. The reality that we didn't see coz were busy and not having time for our self.
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    Ok ignoring that this thread is from 4 years ago, yes thats exactly how WoWcrack addicts are. They are pizza faced, obsessed teenagers who sit and raid all day/night long
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    the addiction is worse.... most are soo lazy they dont even bathe , brush etc(you know what i mean)
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