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News World - quality of armies

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    hey was wondering

    Which are the best Fighters in the world ? An american F type, a Dassault, or other ?
    Which are the best tanks in the world ?
    Which are the best attack subs in the world (those to attack sea, and those to attack ground) ?
    Which are the best Nuclear capability subs in the world ?
    Which countries have the best anti-air systems in the world ?
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    I love your military threads. I think you will attract only the primary interest of british and americans, most ever other country in the world has poor militaries. North Korea, China, India all have large military units, but they lack the ability to do with what they have that Americans and British can do with nearly identical and smaller numbers of soldiers. Those three countries cannot sail around half away around the world, start two wars, and draw only the protest of straw eating tree huggers.
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    I know theres also quantity, and not just quality

    but its not the millitary strength im interested in , its in the quality
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