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Worldbuilding help

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    I'm working on a project building a world from the top down. What I started with was the idea of a binary system like Keplar 47. With a habitual planet with two moons. Atmosphere similar to Earth. I'm going with an idea of a 40 hour day and 40 degree axis tilt. Is such a world possible or what would need to happen to make such an environment possible. I know the seasons would be more extreme and the polor caps larger. Anything else I need to know?
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    As I understand it, any axial tilt compared to the orbital plane is possible.
    The moons can also be on different orbital planes than the equator of the planet or the orbital plane of the planet. This should be considered.
    You should make a diagram to figure how how much of the planet gets 100% day/night during the winter/summer.
    Depending on how far from the sun(s) your planet is would help determine how much ice there would be during winter and how much of the sun-facing polar region would melt.
    This will also affect the year length, which will have a dramatic effect on the evolution of the planet and its ecosphere.
    If the cap fully melts, I would expect more extreme weather worldwide during spring and fall as the cold winter air and water interacts with the hot summer air.
    I believe the multiple moons would make the tidal forces more chaotic, making shoreline settlements more dangerous. Remember that the inner moon would orbit at a higher speed than the outer moon.

    All of these forces would make for highly eroded surface. To compensate, you might make it a more active geology, thereby making the world a more rocky, tempestuous place. Oceanic and coastal travel would be dangerous; tall buildings and large structures would be difficult to build and maintain. Your natives would likely be sturdy creatures used to building structurally robust, low, well-insulated buildings.
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    You might ask at Cosmoquest as well.
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