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Worlds Loudest Sound 11

  1. Jul 2, 2003 #1
    Worlds Loudest Sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    Ok here's the link:


    and for those who don't wanna read. This guy has a car stereo that has 130,000 watts.

    BTW - Most major radio stations broadcast at just about that amount of watts.

    He has:

    72 amps
    36 car batteries
    9 subwoofers

    what the hell?
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    He cruises my block about twenty times a night.
  4. Jul 2, 2003 #3
    Haha, if my neighbors thought my Logitech z560s annoying, I bet they would love this :)
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    I wish i had the money to do that to my car, but is that the loudest sound?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Re: Worlds Loudest Sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    One day he will have the worlds most powerful hearing aid.

    "At the end of each major meet, the four loudest competitors line up for the "deathmatch," a five-minute, winner-take-all face-off in which they fire sound salvos at one another as judiciously yet loudly as possible, trying to keep their speakers and power sources alive until time is up. Amid the reek of ozone and melting metal, often just one is left standing. Only heavily sponsored competitors dare play this last game, since the cost in equipment is so high. "

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  7. Jul 3, 2003 #6
    My dream is to be the loudest guitar player ever...any suggestions, besides a wall of the new Marshall Mode 4 350 watt amps?

    (I'm already louder than all my friends...)
  8. Jul 3, 2003 #7
    there must be a peak on the human hearing characteristic. make sure you hit the spot in your song.
    and whatever the wall size is double it ...
  9. Jul 3, 2003 #8
    I was thinking 1000 4X12 speaker cabs...at about 4'X4', we are talking a wall say 8 high and 125 long...so 32' high and 500'long?
  10. Jul 3, 2003 #9
    you're right - it could be a bit too big.
    use some really directional speakers...I've seen some that have a special design and the sound energy loos backward is minimized.
  11. Jul 3, 2003 #10
    I'm thinking maybe replace some of those cabs with some 15" bass speakers...*grins*
  12. Jul 3, 2003 #11
    The Who holds the record for making the loudest song ever by a band... pretty cool..

    that guys stereo is strictly competition.... they say in the article that you can't drive it
  13. Sep 3, 2003 #12
    Did they give a rating of the sound pressure that system could produce?

    I know that those stereos are powerful enough to cause permanent hearing loss but that isn’t really good enough for me. They need to continue ‘improving’ them until they can at last kill by concussion…hey dude, listen to THIS !!!
  14. Sep 3, 2003 #13
    The worlds loudest sound

    I can shed some light on the worlds loudes sound subject, The current worlds record is 177.7 Set in 2002 in Nashville Tn, the reason I know is I was there. I am a competitor in the DB Drag events. It is possible that some one HAS broken the 200 Db mark, but there is no way of knowing, because the only meter in the world to measure above 180 Db accurately is owned by NASA, and they dont want to share no matter how much we beg...

    There is a 63 year old retired school teacher from Arizona that has a bronco that is running 46 1000 watt Kicker Zr1000 Amps On 46 10 inch Kicker L7 10inch (square) Subs. (www.teamgates.net) They are in a Bronco, the panels are filled with concrete. The Bronco tips the scales at 13600 pounds.

    No one has ever sat in any of the cars that can do over 168 DB because it could be fatel.

    But size doesn't always mater, I have 4 12's in a Ford Aspire, doing 164.5.

    Well thats all i am going to babble about, If you guys have any questions just ask me.
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    Re: The worlds loudest sound

    Good to find someone else on these forums is a car audio enthusiast like myself. I've competed in IASCA for years and compete in DB Drag back in high school. I was in TN when those German guys hit 177.7; I'll have to say is "Wow". That moment in my life I was standing in amazement. If you were in Oklahoma last year for the IASCA and USAC finals, you would've seen that guy from Adire Audio hit 177.6 with his van. Maybe you were there, maybe you weren't. That's for you to tell me TNSPL :). I hope you were there when that happened.....to think, .1 of a decible to tieing the world record. I'd be pissed actually...

    TNSPL, if you or anyone else for that matter wanna talk car audio, feel free to email me at mmcarthu@spsu.edu to talk. I don't have AIM right now, but I'm probably going to download it in the near future.
  16. Sep 4, 2003 #15
    Re: The worlds loudest sound

    Excellent, they can already kill !

    Only this; Now that they can kill, is it possible to construct a universal remote control to jump the volume all the way up to high from, say, another car nearby?

    ..Just kidding!
  17. Sep 5, 2003 #16
    Ah, the excesses of our insane culture...
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    I just bought some 6x9 today to replace my factory junk. While speaking to the guy, he showed me an article in his news letter about a man brought up on vandalism charges.

    What happened, is the guy had a SUV, and 4 18" Kicker Solobarics. As you know, there is not a better sub woofer then the Solo.

    His stereo was so loud that when he was parked across the street from a grocery store, and cranked up the stereo, jars of pickles and other items started rattling off the shelf.

    Also while speaking with the salesmen I mention the info posted earlier in this thread:

    I told him that, and he snickered, saying that 4 8" solobaric produce 160 db. He estimated the guy with the 4 18" at well over 200db.

    Has anyone been using the solobarics in competition much? I've not been keeping up with it as of recent.

    Boulderhead, an Interesting line from a rare and hard to find Linkin Park song : "We here at the sound institute have developed a weapon to completely neutralize the cellular structure of the human body, and now the question must be ask; Who can rock a mic like this"

    But the most ultimate sound weapon would definetly be some blaring country music on a horrible sounding stereo system with no bass.

    If it doesn't kill ya, it'd probably make you depressed enough to commit suicide.
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  19. Sep 5, 2003 #18
    "Its Funny that he should say that, because as i said in my first post ther is no meter in the world that can measure over 180 DB, And I dont think that the solobaric is the best sub, not by far, we have 3 10's in the back of a honda, and it is not even hitting 144 DB, So, dont let the guy lie to you.
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    First of all, I was not trying to take any personal shots at you.

    Second, I was merely relaying information from a professional.

    Third, the solobaric is the greatest subwoofer produced. This is not up for debate. You can not believe it if you choose so, but that is meaningless.

    What kind of 10's? 10" subs are not going to make near the sound of a larger speaker. They are also not going to make as much sound as a 8" solo, due to the superior design. 10" subs are more suited for faster pace music such as rock, and not for hard pounding bass, such as the kind used in competition.

    Also I want to remind you about saying this:

    And you think that 4 18 inch solobaric's couldn't do this? When its rattling pickle jars off the shelves from across a 4 lane street?

    I could probably go through the trouble of getting a copy of the guy's newletter, scanning it and posting a pick to prove I'm not lieing, but I've nothing to lose or gain from this. You want to think I'm lieing, fine. Honestly, I've no reason to.

    and just a lil gem for you since you obviously know nothing about kicker:

    ya, I'm a liar.
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