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World's most pointless inventions

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    I was going to lunch and saw a guy using a leaf blower. Think about it, the entire purpose of a leaf blower is to move a mess from one place to another, without really getting rid of it. :yuck:

    What are some other wasteful or pointless inventions?
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    Note that this is also the purpose of the bureaucrat. :smile:
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    Exercise balls, compared to regular inflatable balls. Same with those step-things used in aerobics programs... it would just be easier to just get a few bricks and make your own step, or find a step already available.
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    anything from ronco...

    anything but the pocket fisherman :uhh:
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    How about a ball? :biggrin:

    Ooo... tough crowd, tough crowd

    well to begin, its difficult to think of one due to the fact that because it is what it is, crappy, and most likely not needed, it has a tendency to not mentally stick, and rightly so.

    Besides, there's enough wasteful and pointless info in people's heads to begin with.

    However, on the flip-side, I think that online forums are one of the better creations. A forum allows multiple individuals to learn about a particular subject and exchange information at or near real-time, in text-only (a la Gutenberg), which eliminates all of the usual social red-tape (politics).

    Finally, after giving it a bit of thought, what about battery-operated air fresheners? It was bad enough they had to pump out 500 types of sprays and gels that "freshened" the air, then they had to pump out 'new & improved' fresheners, that need batteries. Or need to be plugged in.

    Give me a break. Just open a couple windows.
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    :rofl: oh...that was too good...
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    I hereby declare chopsticks to be the world's most pointless invention
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    I'd have to agree with the aerobics steppers. I remember seeing a simple 8" platform on sale at target for $45. Wow.

    Chopsticks are a close second, what a stupid way to eat things (from a practical standpoint).
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    Ivan Seeking

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    G-Whiz: I haven't seen a commercial in quite a while

    Ink erasers: Most of the time they destroyed the paper before erasing the ink

    One thing that gets me are people who have less of a lawn than we get by accident, but they buy riding mowers. :rofl:

    All cat toys that don't contain catnip. A paper bag keeps their attention better.
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    I definitely agree on that! If they want to climb stairs, I have plenty around here...I'll even hand them a basket of laundry to carry while they're at it. :biggrin:

    I'm sure Asians would say the same about a fork. We should all just eat with our fingers anyway; that's what they're there for! (Where are the etiquette police? :uhh:)
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    Electric nose-hail trimmers.
    Hot water heaters in Texas in the summer.
  13. Oct 5, 2005 #12
    I don't think water heaters were invented with Texas summers in mind...
  14. Oct 5, 2005 #13
    Left-handed screwdrivers.
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    Is it just me, or does it seem like in threads like this, you always see crazy asian women and men?
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    I saw a comercial for a pad that goes on the handles above car windows because "when you hold the handles and take sharp turns, it can severely burn your hand". they threw some paint on someone's hand and tried co call it a burn..

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    I remember a web site dedicated to stupid inventions. I cant remember the URL but I remember a couple of inventions.

    One was a wind-powered bicycle with a triangular sail. I remember below the picture blueprint of the bicycle the web site had a caption that read "need to stop? Find something and ram it!"

    Another was a death clock. You fill out one of those surveys that will approximate how long you have to live, and send it into a company which will in turn send you back a wrist watch counting down the seconds, hours, and days until your projected death. :rofl:
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    My dad bought some solar powered garden lights. The only time when they get enough light to charge the batteries enough for an hours worth of glow is when it stays light so late you wouldn't want to be outside at that time anyway.
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    You think the actor would have burned himself for the commercial?
  21. Oct 6, 2005 #20
    And the ones which did erase had the worse ink ive ever seen

    I hate those! They glow an extremely unnatural dim yellow color :devil:
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