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Worm gear calculation

  1. Apr 13, 2015 #1
    Dear all,
    I am trying to build single axis solar tracker using worm gear, I need guide line for calculation of worm gear & stepper motor .he are some relation i taken, But i wanted whether its correct & need to explain with example

    efficiency= (output Power of Worm gear/ Input Power of WormGear) = Po/Pinput

    Output power =P0=(2*pi*Outputspeed*outputtorque)/60

    Output power in Kw
    Output speed in rev/min
    output torque in Nm

    Input power = Pinput=(2*pi*Input speed*Input torque)/60

    Input power in Kw
    Input speed in rev/min
    Input torque in Nm

    Net Torque= Toutput+TInput+Tholding =0

    These are basic equation followed usually

    In order to drive 250Kw plant ; assume 15kw per row I have 16 rows with 1 column.

    Worm gear has to Drive 16 rows with coupling with single column item

    each panel weighs 20Kg ; 60 panel per row-> 60*20kg=1200Kg
    Each row structural weight around = 700Kg

    Net weight alone = 1900Kg per Row

    so load on worm gear might be 1900*16=30400

    worm gear relation part:

    if torque(high) gear ratio(high) speed o/p(LOW) vice versa

    There are lot of parameter in case of worm gear which are given below as example:
    1 st Stage Ratio of Worm Gear: 1/10
    2 nd Stage Ratio of Worm Gear:1/73
    Rated Output Speed: 0.078rpm
    Rated Output torque: 910 Nm
    output torque :1300Nm
    holding torque :10.4Knmt
    axila load : 133KN
    radial load :53KN
    o/p speed : 56.9rpm

    In case of motor i consider the motor as

    how can use these sample for calculation. can some help me out here.
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