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Worm Gear Drive Teeth Design

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    Hello i am having trouble figuring out the proper profile to use for the worm and the gear. I need to model it in solidworks and everything i am finding online is for spur gears. I need to get the worm and gear to mesh correctly so i can do some finite element analysis on it. I have calculated my pitch diameters for both and i have what i believe to be the correct addendum and dedendum dimensions for my worm gear.

    Can someone point me in the right direction? how does one get the proper involute for their teeth?
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    Are you just needing a standard worm gear in solidworks? Or are you making your own
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    im supposed to make my own. right now i am doing the gear with this technique i found https://grabcad.com/questions/tutor...te-gears-in-solidworks-and-show-design-intent
    and i found a similar gear train to what i designed on paper on grabcad it came with the solidworks file of how the person created it.

    Am i in the right direction?
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    I think you are yes. If you need to design your own worm gear, then find some instructional videos on youtube (there are plenty), and what you are currently using looks good too.

    I guess the main things you need to consider are the teeth profiles and so on, which, there happens to be a lot of standard data for online
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    Thanks. I tried youtube already and cant seem to find much on worm gears. My main concern is that i dont know if what i am using (the link) is a spur gear? can the wheel in a worm train be a spur gear?
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    Yes, you can drive it with a spur gear
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    Alright thats good to know then. I got my assembly almost done, but i ran into an issue. My gears diameter is rougly 80mm and i have some calculations(might be wrong) in which i need to use a 25mm diameter shaft. This sounds good in paper but i downloaded some 25mm diameter bearing solidworks file from McMaster-Carr and the bearings are almost as big as my gear!.... it doesnt look reasonable to me. Any thoughts on it?
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    The worm and worm wheel must be matched. The worm can have any profile, pitch or starts of “thread”.
    The worm wheel must be a profile that mates with the worm.

    Imagine a worm with cutting flutes like a threading tap. Then turn the worm to cut the teeth in the wheel.

    High power worm gears have a non-cylindrical worm that is more rigid, stronger and makes greater contact with the wheel than would a simple screw.
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