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Worm Holes

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    Hi guys,

    I had an idea on the formation of worm holes...I'm not sure if this holds up at all but here goes.

    The basic idea is based on an elastic band. If you stretch an elastic band beyond the elastic limit, cracks start to appear until eventually the band will break...Now, imagine that on a much larger scale. At the beginning of the universe we have the inital stage of inflation, where space expands at a terrific rate...Is it possible, that due to the rate of expansion during inflation that space-time itself could also develop rips & tears just like the elastic band??

    I suppose the same could occur during a supernova, as the stellar material is jetted off into space, there would have to be some effect on the fabric of space-time?!?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated

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    You do realize that there is no evidence that worm holes exist and they are closer to science-fiction than science theory at this point in time? You can pretty much theorize anything you'd like about wormholes today and it will just as credible as any other theory because we know almost nothing about them.

    It is not known wheather or not space-time can rip/tear in a conventional sense. I'm unfamiliar with any particular theories that deal with this issue. But I'm sure there are some.

    Actually, space-time at the beginning of the universe would have been expanding less than it is today. Picture a balloon as representing space-time. Does the rubber have higher tension when you begin to blow it up, or after a few seconds right when it is about to pop? If space-time does have tension in the conventional sense, then it would be later in its history that rip and tears would form.
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    Yes, I'm aware that there is no evidence yet, it was only a thought as scientists are engaged in searching for them.

    Crossing the Einstein-Rosen bridge is one possible worm hole...Im not sure if this is right but I heard something about a singularity & event horizon splitting in two in a rotating black hole??? If that's right then a path could be found between the split singularities.

    Another way would be to have to black holes linked singularity to singularity, using exotic matter to hold them open & pass through...Don't think I like that idea...lol
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