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Wormhole generator?

  1. May 8, 2010 #1
    I have a question about what happens if:
    A collapsing star (with an appropriate mass <20solar masses) forms a "donut" shape as it collapses. (first, is that possible?) and would it generate a wormhole travelling through the "donuts" center? The only thing that causes me to believe it would is that there is no singularity there to stop the passage of space/time like there would be in a "normal" black hole.
    I would think that this kind of event would be rare and even moreso for two of these "donuts" to line up or "couple" which would extend the range of a wormhole.
    I can also "see" (minds eye) that it would not be a permanent situation. Eventually the "donut" would have to collapse into a "normal" wormhole, wouldn't it?
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    I don't see how it could form a doughnut shape. But if it does it could potentially open a wormhole for a brief period of time before collapsing. However a wormhole needs a large amount of energy to form. So it would have to be a massive star. And no it would form into a black hole (theoretically).
    cheers, BT
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    Do you have any justification at all for what you just said or are you just speaking at the extremes of the meaning "theoretically"?

    Anyways, why would a collapsing star form a doughnut? Stars are already solid spheres, how is a hole in the center going to magically appear? And even if it did, gravity should collapse the "doughnut" back into a sphere.
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    Thanks for catching this. I am very new and now understand better to explain things. This is only a theory proposed by scientists that wormholes decay into black holes. The theory is not proved correct or incorrect, but it is the strongest theory so far. thanks for helping me Mu,
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