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Wormhole question

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    Have heard that if you go trough a wormhole, you go to another place in space. You will also go to another time in space.
    Why is it that you go to another time, when you get to the other side of a wormhole?
    Is it because when entering it, you will be in one place in the river of time, and when you get out you will be in another place in the river of time.

    So let's say the place you enter the wormhole, is the present time, and the end of the wormhole is 1000 years in the past. The reason for this would be that the river of time, is the present time when you enter it, and when you get to the end of the wormhole, the present time will still be on the other end of the wormhole, while at the end where you are, you will enter another place in the river of time. Therfore, you will go to another time.

    Is this how it works?
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    I do not know the answer to your question, but wormholes can do one of three things:

    -connect two universes together
    -connect two different regions of space together
    -connect two different times together (as well as universes or regions of space)
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    A wormhole is a purely theoretical artifact in General Relativity. There is no solid evidence of their existence. As Blackhole noted, a wormhole may, theoretically connect different regions of space, time, or both. Until we find one, it is pure speculation. I very seriously doubt any wormhole would permit time travel into the past of this universe. The consequences would violate causality. It is, however, conceivable they could connect to parallel universes.
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    what chronos said was right, it's just theoritical not a practical one,where in the world people could travel to another space ,it's been theoritically proved it relates to goemetry,check out the solutions done by godel.
    check this out
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