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  1. I have a question wormholes. I know the loretzian wormholehas a black hole and the theoretical white hole. The Euclidean wormhole I don't know anything about. All I know is that they are from quantum mechanics. Can I have a non mathematical answer to what they are? Thanks!
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    There is no evidence wormholes exist, except as potential artifacts of general relativity. One such prediction is a Lorentzian black holes [also known as an Einstein-Rosen bridge]. It is unknown whether such wormholes are possible or not within the framework of general relativity. Most solutions of GR which permit wormholes require exotic matter, a theoretical form of matter that has negative energy density. It has not been mathematically proven this is an absolute requirement, nor has it been proven exotic matter cannot exist. A viable theory of quantum gravity is necessary to draw any conclusions.
  4. I unserstand you about Lorentzian wormholes. I wanted to know about the quantum euclidean wormholes
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