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Wormholes and travel?

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    Sorry for bringing up this subject again but I'm really just looking for some answers.

    This is strictly hypothetical. Suppose, for a moment, that humanity could somehow overcome these problems (disease, war, global warming, terrorism, etc) and advanced to a stage where it was limited only by the laws of physics. Let's say humanity somehow found a way to saturate the universe with intelligence and things like war and disease simply didn't exist. After countless billions of years, as the stars and suns are dying out and the universe becomes colder, what's to stop humanity from escaping to another universe, perhaps by wormhole, or creating a new universe, perhaps in a particle accelerator or
    something, and moving into it?

    Keep in mind that I'm not talking about going from place to place in this universe, but of going to another one altogether.
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    o.0 Well, we don't know for certain that there are other universes out there, or that there would be any way to reach them whatsoever. So that would put a damper on the whole wormhole idea.

    As for creating a new universe... plenty of things could stop that. Perhaps replicating a Big Bang would require more energy than we could possibly generate in the universe now and throughout the rest of its lifespan. And how would we possibly generate something that existed outside of our own universe?

    Furthermore, it wouldn't really help us. Thanks to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, there would be no way to generate more usable energy than we started with, so creating another universe would just use more available resources that much more quickly, hastening the oncoming heat-death.
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    I guess time is not just like an arrow so we will see what the future holds, I believe wormholes must exist in someway that could explain the ufo sightings and many other stuff.
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