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Worms and cancer research

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    Would you please tell me how they are related ? I know this is a little general but could you introduce me something about them ?

    Thank you very much,
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    Professor Moonbear,
    I saw you online, I deliberately posted to ask you, but you went away...

    Perhaps you are busy, so please help me when you have time, Thank you very much in advance
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    Thank you iansmith very much,
    Honestly, I search and teach myself these things, independently and individually, which I think will be very hard or finally a zero might be returned but I found myself that I like it, that is why I make questions, I "go" around here and there searching for any things i don't know, I am not belonging to institutions as you may be thinking. Yes, my school has a lot different department but I amnot about engineering, I am not majoring in computer science or biology, but I was lucky(??well??) to know some sites where i read and learn all of what they say.
    I know it is hard for you or anyone to beleive in what i say, but that is truthful. Moonbear told that i should take some courses in other department about biology but I think that is impossible, because there are a lot reports I have to hand in each week...All the subjects are elective but a certain number of credits are needed if students want to "go up", and if the records are badly evaluated, possibilities of payment and no-money-in-pocket get higher.......:smila:

    Again, thank you very much,
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    Sorry, I haven't had much time to post recently, so just hop on for a few replies and back off again. Thanks for the vote of confidence in asking me for assistance, but this particular topic is beyond my expertise. I really don't know anything about worms and cancer research. And please, you don't need to be so formal as to call me professor! It makes me feel old :-)
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    Okay, Okay, I am really sorry about that...
    Thank you anyway, [smila]
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