Worms in low oxygen

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here is a link to what I am talking about. Does this mean that some of these worm cells (the ones that have been made to survive in the low oxygen environment) can survive with no oxygen? indefinitely? or does it definitely not mean that? (i I heard cells die not when they stop getting oxygen but when oxygen reaches them again after they've been deprived of it I . I don't know if that's true but could these cells Im asking about stay in a state where they wouldn't be making proteins and where they wouldn't die, indefinitely)


also when it says cancer cells can by hypoxia-resistant, the cancer cells still need some level of oxygen to survive, right?
okay um..ignore the previous question I guess my question now is just...I heard cells die from oxygen deprivation when they get oxygen after they've been deprived of it..- so could they last indefintiely without getting new oxygen then? thanks

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