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Worried about my GPA in high school, please help.

  1. Dec 15, 2011 #1

    I am a freshman attending highschool, and I really enjoy physics to the point where I want to major in it, and I have been practicing the mathematics and kinematics of it for a while now.

    I will have a 3.2-3.4 GPA for the first semester of highschool, and I was wondering if that is decent to get into a school such as Illinois Urbana Champaign (the school I want to go to.)

    Do I need to start boosting my GPA, is that the main thing that colleges will inspect? I am taking Acc. Algebra II and Acc. Biology for my math and science classes and my GPA is again around 3.2-3.4. So what are my chances at this rate GPA-wise?

    I really worry about my GPA for some reason, and I need to know if it is really important or not, thanks!
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    I got into UIUC for physics without a single high school physics class and my highest math being advanced algebra. Very good GPA though. However, I am a minority in physics and also an in-state student. If you are a white male from out of state, they will be harder on you in admissions. However, I wouldn't obsess with your GPA. Take as many AP classes as you can to knock your general education requirements out as soon as you get here, as UIUC is very generous with AP credit and consider taking some classes at your local community college. Other than that, keep your GPA up, stop worrying about it, and try to give yourself a good foundation in math.
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