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Worst poet in the English language

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    Some of the works of William McGonagall, considered the worst poet ever in the English language.

    His most 'popular' poem didn't work out too well. He wrote a poem about the Tay Bridge, which was hailed as an engineering masterpiece when first constructed. He had to do a quick rewrite when the bridge collapsed when a train attempted to cross the bridge in a storm.

    Tay Bridge Disaster

    The train disaster was a new twist for him, since he usually preferred to write about sea disasters. Trains gave a chance that disaster could be averted.
    Saving a Train
    Saving a Train (He's the worst poet in the English language, so I guess forgetting he'd already written a different poem by that title is just par for the course.)

    The Little Match Girl will bring a tear to your eye (but it's tough to know exactly why).

    By far his worst poem, The Faithful Dog Fido uses a male name for a female dog. McGonagall would have loved the Tour de France.

    His fans in Dundee are trying to get him some sort of official recognition for being the worst poet in the English language (http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/B/BRITAIN_BAD_POET?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT [Broken])
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