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Worth minoring in math?

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    I'm trying to double major in physics and electrical engineering. I'm most likely gonna go to grad school after I get my degree. As you can imagine because of that I have a pretty rigid course structure. Linear algebra is necessary to minor in math but for some odd reason isn't necessary for a physics degree. I don't really have much time to take LA during the school year so if I do take it it'll be at a community college during the summer. I'm pretty sure I can teach it myself during the summer at a more rigorous level than a cc. There are lots of things I'd rather spend my 500$ on.

    So what I'm wondering is it worth it to take the course at a cc and get a minor in math or will it not make a big difference.

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    linear algebra is necessary for physics (and probably ee, but I'm not sure. why are you double majoring in physics and ee? because you think it will look good on a resume or because you may end up pursuing ee instead of physics? think less about what courses you need to fill some requirement for an extra major or minor and more about what courses you think will help you and provide you a good well rounded education.
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    I'm actually surprised you don't need linear algebra for Physics or EE.
    In my country, it is required in all Engineering Majors I've checked so far. But perhaps it's just some requirement they should have abolished in at least some of Engineerings, since you are double majoring without having it.

    I don't know how much a minor would broaden your career opportunities (really few univs in my country offer minoring opportunities, so I don't know much about it). But if I felt it would open some oportunities in a area I would enjoy working in, I would do it. Even if you don't do it, I'd recommend studying some of it, since it is very important in Physics.
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    I know it's necessary for physics and if I don't take an LA course I'll definitely learn it by myself. I guess what I'm really asking is is it worth paying a few hundred dollars to have my transcript say I have a minor in math when it already says I have a double major in EE and Physics.

    I want to major in EE cause I'm still not really sure what direction I want to go in after I graduate.
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    I wouldn't worry about having your transcript say you had a minor in mathematics. Hell, it probably doesn't even matter if it says physics, so long as you have the requisite courses
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    Physics and EE both involve a lot of linear algebra. If you're going to grad school, you'll probably end up learning it sometime along the way even if you don't now.
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