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Would a partner be a good idea?

  1. Feb 2, 2009 #1
    Hi, I have a question, obviously...

    I am currently at high school and doing my own self-study on physics. However, I was wondering if anybody here has a "partner" they do stuff with...

    I can imagine someone has a friend that they sit and discuss quantum mechanics with or how to solve some weird stuff. Maybe they even co-author some articles together (?).

    Anyway, might just be me... But would it be a good idea to have a partner? Preferably someone of the same level of one self, so you can kinda help eachother along and speed things up, etc (if that's even possible).

    Anyway, thanks.

    P.S. I might not be very clear on what it is I am looking for, so incase you're in doubt, ask and i'll try to clarify.
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    Of course, discussing your ideas and thoughts with someone else helps you organize them. Trying to explain physics to someone else is at the same time an excellent test to see if you really comprehend the whole picture. Let alone the fact that the person might shed some new views on the matter. It's also a lot more satisfactory to be able to share your enthousiasm with other people.

    Maybe it sounds a bit lame, but you get the idea. It holds for a lot of things, not just physics.

    You can also come by the forums more often, and shoot away your ideas ;)
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    Alright, thanks... That was the answer I was hoping for :eek:
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    Having a pair of ears that are ready to listen to you (or your nonsense sometimes) is good.
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    Alright. In that case...

    I'm looking for a mate that has limited knowledge about physics and mathematics. I'm talking inbetween pre-calculus and post-calculus... I have gotten to the point of solving differential equations, in mathematics. In physics I have a somewhat steady knowledge of physics on a college level (college as in the school you go to in your years 16-18/19).

    I'm on my last year there, so I have alot of study to do, but always open for having a partner I can talk to about what I learn. Mainly to build a social network (maybe someday build up some theoretically articles with him/her) and to learn from each other.

    If you are interested, you can PM me here and i'll answer you shortly :)

    P.S. If you are only pre-calculus, it's ok... I can probably help you with getting up to a higher status with the knowledge I have to spare... But you'll need to have a mindset of learning everything you can about mathematics and physics.

    Interests in quantum mechanics, chemistry, biochemistry, electronics, etc is very welcomed as it broadens the scope of what we might able to do together.
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