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Would a theory of everything (or TOE) rule out metaphysics

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    Would a theory of everything (or TOE) rule out metaphysics, or somehow incorporate it into a greater picture? After all, it is a theory of EVERYTHING, isn't it?
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    Re: Toe

    I assume a theory of everything would describe all the physical phenomena of our universe. There would still be metaphysical questions to pose.... One could still ponder the reality of matters external to our universe. One could still ask whether or not God exists. One could ask whether or not the theory of everything is just an empirical law based on human epistemology.

    So no, a theory of everything would not rule out metaphysics.

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    Keep in mind that a TOE would be a theory goverening EVERYTHING... Therefore, you didn't answer my question.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    quantum, I agree with your assertion, with the added modifier that metaphysics could just be undiscovered physics. So by definition metaphysics is not included; since if included, it is physics.

    Ultimately there are and always will be concepts that cannot be defined. But this may or may not include God, spiritual matters, or what we now call mystical concepts.
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