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WOuld Feynmann Dance?

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    Over at Serkan Cabi's blog he note a really new discovery: http://www.mit.edu/people/cabi/blog/2005/04/su3xsu2xu1-is-special.html.

    The allegedy "ugly" standard model gorup SU(3)XSU(2)XU(1) has turned up as a distinguished object in pure mathematics. In the theory of Lie superalgebras, which I suppose we'll all have to scarf up now!

    Feynmann is said to have danced when the new superstring theory seemed to be unique. Would he have danced at this news? I think so.
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    If I remember right, John Baez was discussing "superalgebras" in the most recent "This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics". I only glanced at the easiest parts of that TWF. Had to do with Z2 graded algebras, something he said you might have expected mathematicians to take up and run with but the physicists did instead. Is there some connection, or am I confusing different topics?
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