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Would I be eligible for physics undergrad admission?

  1. Mar 30, 2005 #1
    Hey everyone.

    I want to apply to University of Toronto for physics undergraduate studies but I think I'm pretty "lacking" :/ It will cost around $180 so it would be wasteful to apply if I have no real chance. (Application deadline was set back to April 1st)

    My info:

    I'm 22 years old right now.

    I dropped out of high school and in my time there I did not complete any science courses in senior years. NONE. I had no interest then but it has since grown very much :wink: When I say that I dropped out: I did not complete the OAC requirements although I still received a grade 12 diploma.

    I'm now completing my final credit through a ministry approved center (I will receive the same diploma as the workload is identical), doing OAC algebra over correspondence and a written final exam. I will end up with the OAC diploma this summer sometime (whenever I get the work done). I won't have any midterm marks to submit as I'm not even a quarter done (I just began working on it).

    My OAC (grade 13 marks) are as follows:
    Finite math - 61%
    English - 70%
    Accounting - 82%
    Computer Science - 91%
    Calculus - 97%

    I'm hoping that the calculus and computer science marks can make up for my other shortcomings somehow or another. As you can see I hated finite math class :wink: and as I said above, I have NO science credits :cry:

    I'm currently finishing up a three year Computer Programming and Analysis diploma at an Ontario college (not the same as a university). Summer is my last semester. I have a cumulative GPA of 3.9 and plan to maintain it through these finals and next semester (it will round out to 3.95 should I keep the marks). I have 23 credits so far: 20 As & A+s and 3 B+s so far. This semester I'm maintaining 2 A+s and 2 As.

    Do you think that the admissions office will value my current college GPA even though its completely NOT related to physics? Hopefully I can come across as a serious student (and not the high school dropout :P)

    As for other activities: I don't have many. I'm a member of some programming groups and health informatics groups as a student. I'm a volunteer on and off (sep 2003-sep 2004 I did approx 200 hours). I will be pursuing a private pilot license shortly (ground school starts in one month). Thats it. Those are my activities :P

    What do you think? I'd hate to waste $180 :frown:
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  3. Mar 31, 2005 #2
    Well its just about April 1st. I hope that deadline was inclusive :)

    I think I'll apply tomorrow afternoon (over the web). I know my high school grades were quite poor (save for calculus...which I hope they focus in on since it is physics I'm applying for :wink:) but hopefully they still consider me based on my college grades.

    You are required to have OAC calculus, algebra and physics credits if you're a high school applicant. On the documentation you send in I'll forward copies of my attendance in the algebra course. That leaves me short by the OAC physics credit....

    I hope I can get some conditional acceptance or something based on the fact I will have completed the algebra by the time fall 05 semester starts.

    Wish me luck :tongue:
  4. Mar 31, 2005 #3
    They usually count courses you're currently enrolled in. That physics credit might be a problem, but I wouldn't worry too much. If you're accepted to anything, it's typically pretty easy to transfer into physics later (often even if you don't have prerequisites for the thing you apply for, they'll make you an offer to do something else - just make sure you take some physics once you start...).
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    Judging from the first year you're only required to take a few courses (calculus or analysis 1, linear algebra, and foundations of physics) as your major/program is undeclared. If you can complete those credits with exceptional grades I would think they would allow you into the program. I would still prefer direct acceptance...

    I hope I can get in :/ *crosses fingers*

    If anyone is curious this is the particular program I would like to get into:
    http://www.physics.utoronto.ca/undergraduate/ugbrochure/specialist-table.html [Broken]

    The courses offered are:
    http://www.physics.utoronto.ca/undergraduate/ugbrochure/course_list.htm [Broken]
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  6. Apr 1, 2005 #5
    Well I applied. Cost me $173 Canadian :mad:
    Say a prayer for me :wink:
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