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Would it hurt if you got your eyelashes cut off

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    Hey would it hurt if you got your eyelashes cut off or separated from you in some other way? They're just like any other hair, so it wouldn't hurt if they were cut off/separated from you right?
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    Actually, eyelashes fall out all the time. They are hair- basically dead skin cells- there are no nerves in eyelashes.
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    Well, you could cut them down to the base and when it's that short if per say your rubbed your eye the base would push in your skin, causing some minor discomfort. Think when you shave and the stubble is coming back it will itch and put some pain on you if pushed in.

    Then there is the growing back part, as it regenerates it's going to get irritable for a area generally untouched. :)
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    How could you safely remove eyelashes though?

    I mean they're pretty close to your eyes
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    Why would you want to remove eyelashes? They do have a function to help catch debris before it gets into your eyes. Like any hair though, cutting them would not be in any way painful, but plucking would (and the following irritation would probably be much worse on a tender bit of skin like the eyelid). I wouldn't recommend it though, as you wouldn't want to chance getting sharp enough to cut them that close to your eyes.
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    Well I was thinking that...

    I feel like I can't always completely control the hair on my body...

    Then I thought I could just get rid of all the hair on my body, and get rid of the need to control it/stress, without any consequences but I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive/have anxiety so I went as far as to start thinking about eyelashes, since eyelashes are hair
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