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Would like to introduce my self! Love the forums!

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    Hello Physics forums,

    I have previously very long ago made an account on this forum after having visited it so much, but i never really posted anything. Now, I come back after witnessing the physics forums app on the apple appstore. I love to just scroll around the physics section and see what people write and the questions they ask are really interesting even though they seem beyond my ability. I am currently a high school senior taking AP Physics with an amazing teacher. I have to say, when people told me physics is not easy, it is NOT easy, but it is crazy fun. I adapted to it and I am actually one of my teacher's best students in class :)

    I also have a big day on May 12; the AP Physics exam :( I have always been terrible with standardized tests even though i do outstanding in the actual class. I am currently preparing for it as there are only about two weeks for the exam. Any advice on this? I am really hoping that for once in my life, I make a 5/5 in an AP exam as I will be jumping with everlasting joy. I fear my results because I was doing just as well in chemistry last year, but I ended up with a 3/5 on the AP chem exam :(

    In the end all is well and I apologize for the long post. I really hope that I can help around here :)
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    Welcome to PF!

    Tell us, what's your favorite fish?
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    Definitely catfish!
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    OK, here's a nice catfish for you! Welcome!

    IhJQp-q1Y1s[/youtube] You have now been properly initiated. :smile:
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    Welcome! Glad to have you here! Don't forget to write a review of the app in the store :)
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    Welcome,placeboooooooooo! :biggrin:
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    Nice to have you, placebooooo! By the way, what's the deal with the fish question?
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    Tell us, what's your favorite fish?

    It looks like some of the embedded links didn't survive the move to the new forum software, so I'll re-post below.

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    Even though it's hackneyed, I'd say catfish. I find fascinating that, according to some ichthyologists, this fish will continue to grow in size its entire life if given the right environment. Hence the stories of divers in the Tennessee River who came up so frightened that their hair turned white.:))
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    Enjoy your time here at PF! Care for a towel?
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    No thanks. I don't eat between meals.
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