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News Would Russia go back to communism?

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    It seems that communist movement is rising in Russian. They involve not only the young generation who experienced USSR for short time before it collapsed but also the old who compare their lives in communism and to their current lives and see that they were better off in Soviet Union. This is happening through out Russian and in some former USSR countries.

    Is anyone here following this? What do you think the chances of Soviet-communism coming back are?
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    I think Putin is aiming for a strong control state with a free market "in its place". That's much the same thing the Chinese are looking to get. Contrary to silly ideologues, a free market is compatible with a wide variety of states. Look at Europe.
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    I agree with that. The problem seems to be that in the former USSR as well as by a serious part of the US, the "free market" is an ideology (for some it is the "devil" for the others it is "heaven"). I think that the free market is a tool to organise economic activities, and that for some things it works well, and for others it is a disaster. But by itself, it has not so much to do with state organisation.

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    If they do hopefully they'll do it right this time.
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