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I Would Schrödinger's bomb be as uncertain as his cat?

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    if you were standing next to Schrödinger's bomb, triggered by a random event. Would you say "The bomb is both exploded and unexploded?".
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    No, and neither would you say (accurately anyway) that the cat is both dead and alive.

    There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of threads on this forum about it all. I suggest a forum search and a good place to start is the set of links at the bottom of this page
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    Thx phinds
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    Of course not.

    There are a number off slightly different ways of resolving Schrodinger's Cat but here is my way.

    Due to decoherence objects here in the macro world have definite position. The constituent parts of an exploded and un-exploded bomb have different positions. This means you cant have a superposition of an exploded and un-exploded bomb.

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    Related: the Elitzur-Vaidman bomb tester.

    If you have a bomb that's triggered by a single qubit being on at a particular time (e.g. a single photon passing by), you can experimentally separate dud bombs from live bombs without setting off all of the live bombs by performing superposed queries.

    If I recall correctly, you can make this effect arbitrarily strong (i.e. lose arbitrarily few bombs due to the classification process blowing them up by passing a photon through) via Grover's search algorithm.
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    So I guess the answer to the title question would be, "Yes, Schroedinger's bomb is as uncertain as his cat - but that isn't saying much".
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    Sorry, I haven't noticed your post before.
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    I want to upload a small diagram from my hard drive, must I upload it somewhere else first? (anti-malware?)
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    The image uploading UX is kind of awful on this site. You probably clicked on the 'insert an image' button in the toolbar, but that only takes URLs.

    You upload diagrams by hitting the 'upload' button near the 'Post Reply' button to the bottom right of the reply box. Then the file you picked will appear in a list below the reply box, and you can click either 'THUMBNAIL' or 'FULL IMAGE' within that list to insert it inline in the post.
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    Try uploading it to photobucket or similar website, then use the URL pointing to the image for the input when you click 'Image'
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    Or, you can take a screen grab of a picture, from "My Pictures", with the Snipping Tool and copy it... then paste it here.


    That's what I just did...[COLOR=#black].[/COLOR] :oldsmile:

    I also centered it buy placing it between these tags... [ center][/center].

    But, don't leave a space between the bracket and the c... I had to, so it would show here...
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    David Lewis

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    To qualify as Schrödinger's Bomb, the bomb would need to be in an armored, soundproof box so that you don't know whether the bomb went off until you open the box.
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    Which would be irrelevant regarding whether or not the bomb was ever in a state of both exploded and unexploded, which it is not and which was the OP's question.
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