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Would someone pls help to clarify for me

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    hey all i am new on here and i have to say after searching for helpful websites with no luck i am gald i found this one. My nigghtmare this summer is physics, no mtter how much i read the material it does not click to me. i need someone to "break it down". my problem right now is the electric field thing. what exactly is an equipotential and how does it relate to electric fied, what is the relationship btw electric potential and electric force, how dot hey affect each other u know concepts like these drive me nuts, if any one can help to clarify, your 2cent is greatly appreciated. thks
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    Equipotentials are lines of constant electric potential. Do you know what contour lines on a map are? They are lines that join together points of equal height. Equipotentials can be thought of in the same way.

    The electric potential, V is related to the electric force F by [itex]F = -\nabla V[/itex], or in one direction,

    [tex]F = -\frac{dV}{dx}[/tex]
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    When I have run into difficulties I reach out to other sources to help me understand the concept that is challenging my brain. Many physical concepts don't click for me. This leaves me with a choice to engage in the learning experience or bail. This is a constant balancing act. A part of life.

    I was fortunate to have started my science career in an applied mechanics field so my introduction to many concepts was from a hands-on approach. My intro to electricitry textbook uses the water pressure and velocity analogy to help better understand elctricity potential.

    I would recommend that you look at some more basic texts and "break down" the physics principle on your own. You can't expect someone to do this for you. I still use the books written for "dummies" which you often see in book stores. They are very refreshing from the dry text that we often see. The dry text is the goal (make sure it's a good one), you've got to do some footwork to understand it. Good Luck, turn it into an adventure in place of a nightmare. Attitude is inportant.
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