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Homework Help: Would this be a suitable path for gaining the maths knowledge to study GR?

  1. Aug 22, 2011 #1
    The attached PDF shows an analysis sequence of books on the left. If I followed the sequence all the way to differential geometry, would I be prepared to study the subject of general relativity? Also, would it be feasible to skip the real analysis books or would they be required as well? Eventually I would read them, as it's all interesting to me, but would it be required for GR?

    I only recently became interested in the subject; reading Sean Carroll's lecture notes on the subject is what got me hooked. It appears like there is a lot of beautiful maths behind the subject itself. Another question I have is whether or not I will need any other physics background to study GR or if the maths will be enough?

    Also, yet another question, to study QM, would this be good enough or would I also have to study Lie algebras and groups?


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