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Would this be worth filing a laswuit?

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    As the title explains; I have a legal question/legal questions.

    I graduated from High school last June. Here's what happened:

    Back a long time ago in the 9th grade (Freshman year of high school), I got suspended for OTHER PEOPLE (witnesses that were actually there agree with me say it was OTHER PEOPLE) giving ME a bad attitude about stuff. I ended up getting suspended for 3 years and a summer & being sent to an ALTERNATIVE High school for people giving me the attitude.

    Then, back last June at Graduation/commencement, one of the district officials/employees said I was going to ride the bus and (&) be able to sit where alphabetically (the way it works) to one of the local Universities for the commencement (where it typically is), I got the information sheet & every detail on everything about commencement towards the end of my HS Senior year. I said I would sit alphabetically (the district official said it would be MY CHOICE). At the graduation rehearsal, The HEAD PRINCIPAL says: "actually, I'm sitting in the private isolated corner". The HEAD PRINICPAL WENT COMPLETELY AGAINST HIS WORD, AND THE DISTRICT'S.

    Then, with NOTHING TO GO ON (before/for the graduation rehearsal), some people accuse me of doing something when I wasn't even there at the regular high school. The head principal then says "no bus ride" (again, completely against his word).

    Here's another reason I'm asking if this is suable:

    I looked myself up on my high school's alumni databse. I didn't come up AT ALL. No results whatsoever!! Even though I went to an alternative school; I still Legally graduated with the (regular) district's diploma.

    I then tried ANOTHER student I know I graduated with's name in the database system. Still, NO RESULTS.
    Here's an example/similar situation:

    If YOU went to an Alternative high school after school admins AND other students gave you an attitude, they allow you back because you EARN IT. The school admins/district STILL CONTINUE with the attitudes, they go AGAINST THEIR OWN WORDS at a BIG DEAL GRADUATION/COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY. You legally graduate with THEIR Degree/diploma, & they FAIL to add you to their alumni system???
    I know BARE MINIMUM, if I had gone directly to the superintendent about this whole thing about a month afterwords, they would have very severely scolded the high school's administrators (& maybe even, based on everybody's attitudes) (I WAS THERE).

    If I'm not added to the district's alumni association/database (which I'm currently not on either), wouldn't it be legally worth suing them over (in a criminal case against the district). If it's worth it, what could I potentially be suing for?
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    We cannot offer legal advice here. You need to talk with a lawyer in your town to decide if it's worth filing a lawsuit. The initial consultation with the lawyer should not be very expensive, and sometimes you can get a 30-minute consultation for free. Good luck.
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