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Would this work ?

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    Would this work....?

    Im designing a folding bunk bed and was wondering whether to keep the weight down I could use a metal wire mesh material as the top bunk fixed to aluminium square tube?

    Also would it be possible to attach this to the tube main frame fairly easily and how much does the mesh weigh per m squared as iv done some research but cant find this detail out? The top bunk needs to support a load of 100kg in use.

    Thanks for the help guys.
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    How much does wire mesh weigh? Well how thick are the strands, and how many strands are there per square metre? Doesn't take a lot of effort to work that one out.

    Sure you could use a wire metal mesh fixed to aluminium tube, just use some fasteners (bolts, rivets, adhesive, imagination).
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    Ok thanks. Could you offer me some advise on how i might go about analysing the bending stress of the material for a certain size?
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