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Would transferring be worth it?

  1. Dec 23, 2011 #1
    I am going back to school to finish a degree in physics. I go to a tier 2 state school in the midwest, and was planning on transferring to the bigger tier 1 school in the same state (has more funding, bigger physics department). I figured having my degree from there would look better and help me get into grad school.

    My worry, however, is that I wouldn't be there long enough to get any decent letters of recommendation for REUs, etc. I would only have 1 semester at the bigger school before applications for summer research would be due, and I don't think this would be enough time for anyone to accurately evaluate my work and ability. So, would transferring be worth it? If I do transfer, I would have access to more diverse classes and more professors doing more research, but at the cost of not really knowing anybody and a larger department means more competition.

    After reading my own post here, I am kind of leaning towards not transferring, but I know it is wise to consult others and receive some guidance. Thanks for your time, guys.
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    as long as you can do research at your school now, and get to work on letters of rec, etc. the school you're at now should be fine . . .
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