Would you date a girl with tatoos?

  1. Me: No way. I don't date girls who look like they should be in a motorcycle gang. Tats on the lower back, near the ankle, on the back of the neck, or on the hip just seem like an annoying trend.
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  3. I'll date girl because she's fun and intelligent, not because of (or absense of) her tattoo. Judging a girl/not dating her based on a tattoo/piercing and the like is a good way to not get to know someone you might be happy with. But if someone wants to make those sweeping tattoo (or piercing gets a lot of attention) generalizations, then more power to them; I'll make my judgements by getting to know the person, not by their appearance.
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  4. So you know a girl for a few weeks and really like her. When you get in bed with her you notice a tattoo some place which is normally clothed or hidden, like mid back or something.

    Do you just leave?

  5. Riiiiiiiiiighhtt.........because I bet you never take into account something like how a girl looks when you try to hit on them because you are the king of chivalry. LOL. Yeah right.
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    :confused: All physical beauty does is get me to notice a girl -- but I, for one, have absolutely no interest in hitting on a total stranger. And since physical beauty is mostly irrelevant once you know a girl's personality, I really don't understand your point of view.
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    I would definitely never date a girl with a tattoo. :biggrin: (I prefer men, and while most tattoos are initial turn-offs, I've learned to never say never, since I might get to like one before I see the tattoo, depending where it is.)
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    A possibly more relevant question: would you hit on a girl with a tattoo? Hopefully, anyone who gets to the point of the option of dating would have ahd the opp to see a little deeper than skin.

    And yes. It would be a real waste to unilaterally rule out so many women before getting to know them (I guess I'm sayin' that tats are no longer a defining criterion.)

    IMO, tats, whether they look nice or not, do send a message that this girl is aware of her bod and wants you to be aware of it too. Which is a bit titilating.
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  9. I wouldn't mind if someone I dated had a tatoo. Because if you are already dating then you like the person.
  10. I'm very inclined to say no. The day before yesterday I was at the mall and there was a nice tall blonde girl infront of me in line. I checked her out since her back was towards me. She had nice curves on the way down and then BAM a nice green tattoo on her foot. That was a deal breaker.
  11. I wouldn't mind dating a girl with a tattoo. I prefer girls who don't have tattoos though.
  12. I wouldn't have a problem with a fairly small tattoo in an inconspicuous location. Large tattoos in prominent locations; would probably keep walking.

  13. Would you buy a house that is nice on the inside, but looked completely dilapidated on the outside? Yes? Well good for you, not me. A complete package not only includes the inside, but also the outside.

    I'm sorry but the way in which one presents themself says a lot to other people. How you dress, how you look, what body modifications you have, all send a message to people. You may not like it, but that's just the way it is and will always be.
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  14. Astronuc

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    I dated a girl who had a tatoo (flower), but I found out after we started dating. She was a real sweetheart, but she was married, which I also found out after we started dating, so that kind of put a hold on things while she tried to sort out what she wanted to do. That was the women I was seeing before I met the women with whom I've been with for the last 27+ years.
  15. BFD, its on her foot...
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    :rofl: Yeah, that whole, "By the way...I'm married..." thing is a real turn-off.
  17. I've met many very interesting and intelligent women of all sorts. I know a woman who travels all over the world on business and has made presentations to congressional committees that, while I'm unaware of any body mods she may have, dresses up in black vinyl bondage gear and frequents goth industrial clubs. I also know a 50 year old 'biker babe' with a tattoo who knits and is a prof with a phd in anthropology. She also dresses up and goes to goth industrial clubs.
    While I often find excessive tattoos and piercings unattractive physically I don't really care as long as they are intelligent interesting women. Some times I even think tattoos and piercings are sexy.
  18. What's BFD?
  19. "big freakin deal"??
  20. I prefer f-ing, but thats why I made it an acronym...
  21. I guess you missed the part about me not liking tattoos?

    I also dislike blonde women.
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