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Would YOU live on the moon?

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    a spin-off from a prior thread.

    I MIGHT consider living on the moon for the following reason.The atmosphere of the moon (aesthetic atmosphere) would in my opinion create a natural high of sorts because of its incongruence with earth. Animals living on earth have experienced Earth's characteristics for hundreds of thousands of years and as a result have nearly solidified their expectation of the ground, the sky, and the oceans... As a result of this natural high, I believe a person could achieve high and deep levels of thinking while experiencing the moon's characteristics.

    A longshot of a hypothesis, but in my opinion, worth discussing. What do YOU think? Would YOU live on the moon for a potential benefit of the above?
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    I think before long the confines of your living conditions combined with the drab, monotonous appearence of the moonscape would make you homesick for that beautiful planet you could see in the distance.
    So near, and yet another world away...
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    Great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.
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    Here's a book you might be interested in: 'The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch' by Philip K. Dick. One of my favourites. It's about how colonists on Mars try to overcome boredom and homesickness by giving themselves up to the ultimate drug...

    Here's a link:

    Ah, and... The moon doesn't have an atmosphere, and much less an 'aesthetic' one.
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    I think he was just using that term to denote that he was talking about "atmosphere" in the aesthetic sense, and not the mixture of gasses that envelope a planet (the kind the moon doesn't have).

    I think that, regardless of the ambiance, any long-term stay would result in low-G related health problems that I would prefer not to risk.
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    good point, Maybe a 6 month visit or something like that?
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    I bet it would make a very popular retreat for artistic types. After all, most of them commit a great deal of effort to see the world differently from the rest of us, to give an "outsider's perspective" on the world. This would give them a chance to really set aside their paradigms.

    Also, a short term stay might actually have some health benefits for people with circulatory problems, recovering from heart surgery, or the like. The only problem here would be out to survive the launch.
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    Give me wings and a big enough air tank...what can I say, I grew up on Heinlein!
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    in its frontier stage, no

    in its more developed stage, i doubt it
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