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Would you resort to leaving your date at the fair if he was flirting with

  1. Apr 27, 2010 #1
    a girl he met at the fair while you and him were on a date at the fair together,
    and then while he was there he wasn't talking to you very much, but he saw this girl and he started talking to her and he was making moves on her , and you were his ride, would you leave him at the fair ?
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    Yes. Did the same thing myself. Though it was a female and she was quit literally in bed with another guy.
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    I love fairs. In fact, I love all Summer dates when I take the doors and top off of the Jeep.

    If it's a bad date, the passenger's seat belt tends to malfunction on rushed left turns through busy intersections.
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    I've walked out of the middle of a date based on less. But yeah, if your date is disinterested in you and then much more interested in someone else, why would you stay?

    I think that's why I usually like to bring my own transportation when I go out with other people.
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    Never bring your date to affair.

    Did the guy know it was a date? There have been times I've been out with a woman and find out after an hour or two that we aren't just hanging out.
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    You don't want to ride in my Jeep? :cry:
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    Did you destroy him?
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    This guy I know told me this horror story:

    An attractive girl asked him if he'd like to go with her to an opening at an art gallery. He was flattered and said sure. But, strangely, she said to pick her up at a location near her apartment instead of at her apartment.

    When the night came he realized that was a little ridiculous since there was only a block further to go to get to where she lived. He went directly there, a bit early, and rang the bell.

    When she answered the door she went beet red. He saw her trying not to open the door anymore than necessary, but a male voice from inside said "Who is it, Betty?"

    Realizing he'd been screwed over he none-the-less took her to the opening anyway, perhaps to savor her embarrassment for the rest of the evening.

    That plan, too, was foiled when, upon arrival at the opening she immediately made her way to another guy and spent the evening with him.

    She hadn't even planned on cheating on the guy in the apartment with him. He was just the taxi to the real guy she was cheating with.
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    I can't believe that people do these kind of things. How pathetic.
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    She probably actually asked if he'd like to take her to the art gallery. The way the average person would interpret that request would be obvious, but she wouldn't have technically lied to him. Some people find it morally acceptable to trick or mislead a person, even though they would consider an outright lie to be immoral. I guess they feel they have to leave the victim a fighting chance of survival.
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    Yes, in a heartbeat and without thinking twice about it. H was being disrespectful, don't put up with that.
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    There's a morality issue, but possibly more important is the stupidity issue. When someone thinks they're going to be able to use people and then hide behind plausible deniability, it's almost always discovered. She made an enemy, and now he's in a position to tell one guy about the other.

    He's a really nice guy, actually, and all she needed to do was ask him if he could give her a lift to the opening. There was no romantic lure necessary to get him to do it, which makes it seem gratuitously cruel. I like this guy. He's done me several good turns.
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    1) The plausible deniability trick only ticks off some people; not all people. It usually only ticks off those that didn't like you in the first place. Most of the people looking for an excuse to like you will gladly slurp up the plausible deniability trick. Just take a look at how some politicians conduct themselves. (Depends what the definition of "is" is; the Bush administration never said Iraq had ties to 9/11; etc)

    2) Telling one guy about the other might bother her, but only if she's actually a good person that somehow found herself in a situation she didn't know how to handle (maybe she just doesn't know how to break up). Telling one guy about the other might just make her life more exciting. Some people are just plain psychotic.

    If he was smart enough to consider her an enemy, then good for him! There's quite a few guys that would slurp up that plausible deniability koolaid and wade on in for another round.
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    No one bought that. It just ticked a lot of people off. What plausible deniability does is put the victim in a position where they can't prove the offense. They still know it occured and will retaliate when the opportunity presents itself. Of course some people are romantically desperate and will go into denial about the obvious, but the perpetrators of these scams always get cocky and stupid and assume they can pull it off with anyone.

    Even if she's a stone cold sociopath, one or another of the guys getting angry at her is going to be upsetting. Sociopaths don't like being criticized.

    Yes, there are a fair percentage of those.

    I have to say, before someone jumps in with the PC observation, that there are plenty of guys who pull stuff like this as well.
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    Repeat the following - N E X T!
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    Now, okay, but land_of_ice asks about this happening at a fair. If it happened at a bowling alley, it would be a whole other thing.
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    Your friend should forgive and move on. I'd suggest perhaps, as a small token, having flowers sent to Betty. A dozen long-stemmed roses, for example, with a card that says "Betty, last night was incredible...looking forward to many more." Maybe delivered some time when Betty is out and Mr. Betty is in.

    Nothing like clearing the air between two people to make you feel better about yourself.
  19. Apr 27, 2010 #18
    No you should give im a ride back home, only instead of really driving him home, drive him farther away from his house and leave him there.
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