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Wouldn't it be cool if

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    Wouldn't it be cool if websites had a virtual reality simulation option? You could put on your headset and (say you chose PF) could like "walk" into a door that said PF lounge. You could find virtua-people there and discuss stuff like this as if you were really talking to someone. You could sit down, get some virtua-coffee and go on virtua-date. You could set up a virtu-board and write down equations in the physics sections. The book discussion forum would be faster. You could just "shout" and whoevers online could come over to help pick a book. It'd be real world inside a computer. Could someone start work on this?

    EDIT: I used the prefix virtua for everything! Please virtua-excuse me!
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    wouldn't that change thoughts about this forum, like it’ll be a game site or something, besides you should get concern about the (spirit) of this forum! Which I see is loved by so many as it is…:uhh:
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    No - it would be very annoying.
    There was a bulletin board (before www) that worked like that, you logged in and had a view of a street (Looked rather like South Park level graphics). To send a message your little block man walked down mainstreet to the postoffice building, then to read a document he had to walk back out and down to the library building.
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    Why not just go to a convention of physics or something in real life?
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    I remember AOL had something similar as a trial way back in the day too... thinking 2.0 days. Neat idea, but in the end its still just a chat room.

    Also, games (with the assistance of a voice program) and Second Life already sort of do this, minus the virtual reality headset. Still, I think it would be fun to try.
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    Maybe because its a physics forum, instead of being persons, we could become virtua-wave amplitudes in space or some such thing. We'd have to get hit by a photon to get into another sub-forum. As a bonus, we'd get more intuitive notions about QM doing that.
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